Verrucae Treatment

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Get help with verrucae

Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), of which there are three main types which effect the feet - singular, satellite and mosaic. Not all verrucae have black spots in, but some do. The can vary in size, depth and pain levels. Pain usually only occurs on verrucae found over a weight bearing area.

Verrucae can be contagious and so it can be important to seek attention from a qualified Podiatrist in order to get the right treatment and advice.

Our range of verruca treatments

There are a great multitude of over the counter treatments available. Here at Podiatry Services, we are able to offer much stronger treatments. 
Our aim is to prescribe a personalised course of treatment for each patient so you will get the best possible treatment and advice for your verruca.

• Salicylic acid and silver nitrate
• Cryotherapy
• Electro surgery
• Dry Needling
Our treatment room

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